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Patient Reviews

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I had to see an ophthalmologist about a cataract. I chose Saint Peter. Dr. Rewat examined me very carefully. He performed the operation on September 8th. The doctor and the nurses would be very lovely and competent. I felt in the best of hands. I can recommend this eye clinic and Dr. Rewat recommend to everyone. Since I'm a doctor myself, I know what I'm talking about. Thank you dear colleague and nurses snd staff

- Dr. Albin Glauninger, Germany


Hello my name is Ursula from Germany. I had problems with my vision for 3 years, I went to St Peter Clinic, hae now had 2 eye operations, both times a full success. The doctors are very good, has patience and listen and explain everything, the clinical staff are lovely and help, great care. Many Thanks

Conclusion: St Peter is very much recommended 

- Ursula Patesch Schillings, Germany

Thank you so much to Dr Nickie and all the staff for saving my eyes. After a lot of suffer they finaly find the cause of my disease due to bacteria buy using water infected by elephants in the jungle. A virulent keratitis that makes one month to cure but now I had recovered my eyes, that it was not sure 100%. thanks again for your serious diagnostic and clinical analysis. Very professional, careful and helpful.

Constance Kreintz, France

I was very pleased with the examination given to me by Doctor Nick who examined the irritation I had within my eyes. The medication prescribed was successful in reducing the inflammation. I would be very happy to return to St, Peter’s Eye Clinic should there be a flare up in the future. Doctor Nick and the oculist succeeded in examining my eyesight and provided me with a new set of glasses. I can now read musical notation with greater clarity. I would like to thank the doctor and his staff for their good work

- Michael Reid, Great Britain


เนื่องด้วย เมื่อวันที16/ธ.ค/62 เราได้พาลูกชายไปตรวจตาที่ร.พ.st.peter สาเหตุ ลูกตาข้างซ้ายมีการระคายเคือง จนตาแดงมาก ได้รับความดูแลจากคุณหมอน.พ.เรวัต จิวนารมณ์ มาวันนี้ลูกชาย(ลูกตาซ้าย)มีอาการดีขึ้นมาก. กราบขอบพระคุณ คุณหมอน.พ.เรวัต จิวนารม์ มา ณ ที่นี้ด้วยค่ะ.

- Suvannee Vanittiyaubon (วันดี)

Went to hospital to have YAG capsule. Lazer , excellent staff and very professional, doctor quickly did my left eye and was most professional and explained the process . In and out within the hour , highly recommended

- Colin Hudson retiree in Chiang Mai


I got a cataract surgery on 22nd of September 2021 in St. Peter clinic. I picked this clinic for his professionalism and efficiency. Staff are really nice . Doctors Nickie and Rewat were following up the post surgery in a very good way! I’ll recommend this clinic for eye surgery!!

- Pierre Oltra, Fighter Pilot, France


Doctor Nickie is a very skilled and caring person.
He's explaining in a good way the problem you face and find the right remedy for it. The treatment he gave me was very efficient and well adapted too.
The staff of the clinic is nice and helpful, definitely a good place if you need eye care.
Would visit again for sure.

- Charles Blanchard, France

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